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History related to Hotel Caimanera

Hotel Caimanera was inaugurated on July 17 of 1992 with 19 rooms, once the Cuban government decided to use the U. S. Naval Base to promote the tourism in this region.

Many of the guests of Hotel Caimanera are Cuban-American persons that they arrive in the region to visit their relatives here in Caimanera.

The hotel was closed to the foreign tourism during some years until February 2009 when it was renovated. Now it is opened once again to the national and international tourism.

In the nineties of XIX century the summit of the hill, where nowadays the Hotel Caimanera lies, it’s housed a heliographic tower of the service of communication of the Spanish colonialist Army. The communication among the different fortresses in the bay, the army authorities and the halfway house were sustained by means of the sounds of the Morse code.

Around 1950, a supply tank of water for the new aqueduct of Caimanera was built in this place.

The hill was surrounded by a street in which there were some buildings that followed to the same constructional design. These were built wooden, supported by columns of half altitude, floors also made wooden and the covered with red tile. The corridors were overturned, in the same way that the bungalows, they had white walls, and doors and blue windows. To these buildings they were arrived by a wooden stairway located in the north part of the hill.

After the victory of the Revolution in Cuba, new buildings were built with the intention of improving the way of the Caimanera’s inhabitants life. At the end of 1980 the works of construction of Hotel Caimanera was begun, starting to operate in 1992.

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